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On Kinokuniya's Monthly Bestseller List (Food and Drink Category) - September/October 2012

"A Gem of a Cookbook with a Cute Title 
What a find! Especially great for those who crave "local" eats but live away from Singapore. It has easy recipes to replicate the taste of a number of Singapore favorites such as Chai Tow Kway, Roti John, Otah, Beef Rendang, Tauhu Goreng ........... thoughtfully includes very helpful chapters for the novice cook that makes everything so much less intimidating: Kitchen 101 explains in simple terms how to choose meats, fish, fruit and vegetables.......... Fridge and Pantry List suggests the basic items needed............topics cover which dishes and trays are safe to use in the microwave and which for the oven ..........essential equipment in setting up a kitchen, and conversion tables to make the recipes doable whether one lives in Metric Land or Imperial Kingdom........ cover of the book has a special coating to repel spills and stains..............a wonderful addition to my cookbook library and I highly recommend "Mum's Not Cooking: Favourite Recipes for the Near Clueless or Plain Lazy"."
by E. Bittner (Los Angeles USA)September 10, 2012  Click here to read full review.

"The 140-page cookbook caters to those living overseas and amateur home-cooks, with handy cooking tips and other information, including tips on how to stock a kitchen."
by Eunice Quek, The Sunday Times - 9 September 2012

This book is a wonderful book...... cooking is not as tedious as it seems with these simple but delectable recipes. I would urge everyone who wants a easy but delicious dinner to buy this book.
by Tom Vaughan Click here to read full review

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