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If you'd like to work with me, kindly contact me at : 

quickiesonthedinnertable (at) gmail (dot) com 

I would be happy to discuss and collaborate with you on the following :

1.Food and Beverage Related Projects :
  • Recipe Development 
  • Food Photography
  • Consultancy for : 
    • menu planning 
    • food hygiene and safety
    • product knowledge
    • product development
    • product upgrading

2.Copy/Food Writing for :

  • Magazine/Ezine Articles 
  • Site Content
  • Product Promotions  
  • Menu Descriptions

3.Product endorsements

4.Sponsored posts on Singapore Shiok!

I graduated from the Shatec Institutes (Singapore) and am well versed in both Asian and Western cuisines. I specialise in the food of south east Asia, especially Eurasian (Kristang), Malay and Chinese Peranakan (Nyonya) cooking, baking and bread making. My rates are reasonable and I would be happy to discuss your needs and help you more than meet them. For a list of my past work and media features, click here.

My personal writing style is light and snappy, with a sprinkling of humour, but I am versatile and can effortlessly glide anywhere between light-hearted  and serious, depending on your specific requirements. My clients have included local and international companies and range from womens' magazines to food and media companies.

To use any of my blog recipes, text or images for strictly non-commercial purposes, please write to me for permission. Please do not copy my work and pass it off as your own. Please include a conspicuous and direct link to the recipe on my blog (not just the home page) as recognition of my work and and due respect for my rights as creator of the recipe and/or image. When attributing/linking back to my recipe, text or images, please do not alter in any way, my name or the name of my blog. I do as much for my fellow bloggers and expect the same in return.

To use my recipes, text or images for commercial purposes, please contact me for my rates.

If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, your message probably went to my spam bin. Please leave a comment here, if you do not hear from me.

If you would like to order my cookbooks, a discount can be negotiated for bulk orders, though individual orders will also be happily entertained. Please contact Huda Ramlee at  huda (at) epigrambooks (dot) sg Overseas shipping possible.


  1. Hello Denise,
    I went over this page twice before I ascertained that there is no email contact detail. Ergo, I am taking the liberty to ask if I may have your ID so that I can mail you the Lime Pickle recipe as soon as I can locate (nay,unearth) it in a tattered, hand-written collection of recipes, if this is alright with you. I would hate to impose.

  2. Hi Usha, sorry my contact details weren't distinct enough. No wonder I'm not being swamped with job offers ;) Anyway, you can write me at :

    quickiesonthedinnertable (at) gmail (dot) com

    And thanks so much for taking the trouble. Hope you're getting over the "I just got back from a vacation and I need another one, already!" blues. If only vacations were 50 weeks long and work, 2 weeks short *sigh*

    Btw - those stained, tattered and yellowed hand scrawled recipes are the very best kind!

  3. Hi there i left you an email with regards to using your photos on a commercial basis. Please do let me know your rates. Thanks

  4. Hello dear,

    First of all I wanted to say I love your blog! I have been searching the blogosphere the last couple of weeks for some of the best recipes for my recent blog post. I wanted to let you know that I have included one of your recipes in my "100 Most Irresistible Seasonal Recipes using Summer Fruit." I have also attached a photo of it, but please do let me know if you are not okay with this and I will be sure to remove it ASAP! I hope the post brings some extra traffic to your blog! :)

    Thank you for all of what you do,
    looking forward to staying in touch and seeing more of your creations!

    Thank you!
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal


Please leave a name with your comment. I may not be able to respond to every comment but every recipe related question will be answered.

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