recipe index

baking and quick breads
cheese and pepper scones
easy chocolate rolls
guinness and cheddar soda bread
light and flaky yoghurt biscuits
stacked garlic biscuits

bread (yeasted)
chocolate swirl hearts (vegan)
sweetcorn bread

bread (unyeasted)
easy yoghurt naan
easy garlic herb and sesame naan
roti mariam (fried bread)

almond citrus tea loaf
sticky chocolate date loaf
sugee cake (semolina butter cake)
vegan red velvet chocolate chip cup cakes

candy & sweets
coconut candy

serundeng (spiced grated coconut)

hup toh soh (chinese walnut cookies)
vegan soft and chewy molasses cookies

cashew and potato curry (vegan)
curry devil

beetroot cake with cream cheese frosting
ginger roasted pear and chocolate cake
ooey gooey brownies
sankaya phak tong (thai steamed kaya pumpkin)

dessert soups (tong sui)
sweet potato and longan soup
sweet potato tang yuan

cashew milk
kopi see (coffee with evaporated milk)
lime drink with pandan
singapore sling
teh tarik

fish and shellfish

prawn and pineapple curry (curry nanas)
sambal kerang (cockle sambal)
sambal udang (prawn sambal)

glutinous rice (pulut or sticky rice)
pulut serundeng (glutinous rice with spiced grated coconut)
sticky rice and red bean cake

baked kueh keria
kueh bakar
kueh keria
ma lai koh (steamed chinese sponge/malay cake)

cinnamon brown sugar muffins with salted butter glaze
dark chocolate and prune muffins (vegan and wheat free)


pancakes and waffles
cinnamon swirl biscuit waffles
vegan gingerbread pancakes with pear compote

ayam bakar pedas (chilli baked chicken)
chicken curry with mustard greens
green chilli chicken

easy peasy briyani
nasi goreng ikan bilis merah (anchovy fried rice)
salmon and black bean fried rice


sambal belacan (chilli and shrimp paste relish)
sambal kerang (cockle sambal)
sambal udang (prawn sambal)

chinese braised peanuts (chinese boiled peanuts)
epok epok sardine (sardine curry puffs)
lo bak koh (radish cake)
spiral curry puff (karipap pusing)

soups & stews

beef rib soup with tang kwei & wolf berries
eurasian oxtail stew
turkey and kiam chye soup

kerabu kacang botol (winged bean salad)
sambal bendi (okra sambal)

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